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I regard Jolana Poláková´s reflections as valuable since they evoke the destitution of one whole epoch in an atmospheric fashion. I am fascinated by her texts because they have succeeded in spelling out – in a phenomenological description – relationship to God through itself alone, as an action from freedom to freedom, from face to face.

Prof. Bernhard Casper

(Nachwort, Betroffen von Dir. Reflexionen über die dialogische Gotteserfahrung, München – Zürich – Wien 2004)


Jolana Poláková

Prof. Hans Waldenfels, SJ: „Dr. Jolana Poláková is an outstanding Czech philosopher who deserves highest esteem in international circles.“ (Go on reading)

„(…) We live in a time when the distrust in the possibilities of human reason is growing. All the more it is astonishing that a person like Jolana Poláková who passed through the depths of the experience of human malice, never lost her faith in the fundamentally positive strength of human nature, human reason as well as human will. (…) It is the spirit of resistence against the evil which inspires her to try again the build-up of philosophy which does not end in the methodology of falsifications but looks for ways between and beyond, – between: in the various ways of communications, and beyond: in the attempt to relate oneself and the world we live in to the unrelated one which – according to her – is the final possibility of transcendence (…) which leads to a network of trustful and uncompromising love.“

Prof. Hans Waldenfels, SJ
(Foreword, in: J. Poláková, The Possibilities of Transcendence, Mellen Press 1995)

About the author: Jolana Poláková studied philosophy and classical philology at the Faculty of Arts at Prague’s Charles University, receiving her PhD in 1975. During the 1970s, she applied herself to the research of creativity and ethics at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, which she had to leave in 1981 for political and ideological reasons. After the fall of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, she resumed her work there. In 1993, she won the URAM Award for Excellence in Creative Scholarly Writing, and since 1994 she has been a member of the New York Academy of Science.

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